Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Look for Robin!

Don't want you to think I'm picking on poor old Robin these days, but here is a 1975 drawing I did for DC Comics!

Well, sorta.

Anybody recall DC's mid-70s "New Look for Robin" reader contests back then? They'd run fan's drawings of new costume ideas for the former Boy Wonder in the pages of their late, great, content-stuffed  BATMAN SUPER SPECTACULAR issues. I think future pros like Norm Breyfogle even got his drawing published then.

Anyway, this was my entry. Don't think I ever sent it in. 

That might be a good thing.

Although I loved the classic Robin get-up, and agreed the short pants wouldn't go in the real world, I saw this as a chance to get my name and work in print.

Dig that angular left shoulder. I was doing the "Bruce Timm" thing 20 years early!

I also love the repeating "Rs" on Robin's gloves. Years before the "love"and "hate" hand tattoos...Do they leave the insignia embedded on his foe's chins?

I'm sure I saw the "Earth 2 Robin" outfit by then. This seems to be very much based on that costume in many ways.

But, red and blue together?



thrdgll said...

"I also love the repeating "Rs" on Robin's gloves. Years before the "love"and "hate" hand tattoos."

That's a negatory, good buddy. As you well know, Bob Mitchum sported the Love and Hate tattoos in Night of the Hunter when Robin was still in short pants.


For some reason, the way Dick's foot is "comin' at ya" in this illustration makes me think of R. Crumb.

"Keep on truckin', old chum!"