Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 Questions!

A recent mini-interview with me, at the Comics Career Newsletter site-

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Goblin Remembers!

Ok, due to the requests of hundreds (from Sam Hundreds, the kid down the street), I'm back with more of my old artwork. This one's a doozy.

I was so into "re-creating" comic covers as a kid, so here's one from around 1974. Marvel was bringing back the Green Golbin in the comics then, in the guise of Harry Osborn, and this is my entrant into that little fun scene.

I love how I tried to introduce some new Goblin "inventions!" Looks like Spidey is trying to bust thru some sorta bag or force field Gobby is using....

I THINK that's a chair that's getting roughed up in the battle. They don't make 'em like they usta...Not much on backgrounds then. C'mon. Backgrounds were boooo-ring!

Again, meticulous attention to cover detail, such as logo and little corner box icon, which here looks like a tiny Spider-Man mite peeking in over the thought balloon! Heh.

So much for me trying to hide my signature in the art, ala John Romita Sr! VERY subtle!

70s Sartorial Superhero Scene!

Sure, the 70s were sorta a real horror in regards to fashion, but for kids of the day, superhero imagery on apparel was everywhere. Superfolk and their foes appeared on hats, shirts, pajamas, caps, mittens, boots, ponchos, patches, and scarves....

Here is a great 1977 ad for clothing featuring great art by comics greats such as Neal Adams, Herb Trimpe, Curt Swan, and others...

I woulda loved to have had that Green Arrow, Cap, Shazam, and Flash on t-shirts then..

Most of the DC Comics images here were culled from the 1976 DC Calendar, such as this Aquaman image I DID have on a T-shirt-

And, now, direct from the 1976 Sears catalog, is me in my Batman shirt, with art by Neal Adams, no less...Special guest star? Stretch Armstrong.

Deal with it.

Student Art!

I teach a twice-weekly cartooning class, and am always surprised by the art and creativity of my students....

With no further comments from me, here are images of Batman and his crew, and a new look at Spongebob...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mego Daze!

I drew these custom cards for a fan a few years back..He wanted the Bat-gang as done by Mego toys in the 70s....Lotsa fun capturing the look of those kinda-kitchy oven mitt-wearing action figures of the day!

Aurora Robin Kit!

Saw this on eBay once...It's the 1966 Aurora model kit of Robin, the Boy Wonder.

I so love how the builder painted up Robby's face here. A look of unmitigated terror fills Boy Wonderful's face. Maybe it's too late to save Batman from that lethal Bat-trap this time? Is Robin too slow in pulling that off-switch on the terror trap? YOU decide!

League of Extraordinary Batmen (and Robin)!

Gotta love pics from Halloweens past.

Better costumes than those seen in the recent DARK KNIGHT film!