Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peter Parker Poses in Pensive Posture! Spider-Man?! Marvel Comics?! 1978 Albert Bigley Artwork!

Ah, here is that part-time photographer, problem-plagued Peter Parker, caught daydreaming about his other part-time job, in this 1978 masterwork, drawn by me, at age 13! I was trying to depict a rare quiet moment in the life of the always on-the-move web-slinger, and kinda sorta succeeded! Spidey (seen here tragically caught in my attempt at foreshortening) does look as if he could use some time with the Weight Watchers program, tho!  And, hey, how about that detailed background scene, huh? Click to enlarge!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Here Comes The MONKEEMOBILE! The Monkees' Custom Ride! 1976 Albert Bigley Art!

Ugh. Dig my 1976 drawing of the fabulous custom "muscle car," The Monkeemobile! I was inspired by the then-recent re-issue of the model kit (inexplicably re-purposed as "Fonzie's Dream Rod"--See pic below!) of the famous modified 1966 GTO, but my art skills had a long way to go yet! I tried to capture the sleek curves, the wild exposed engine and blower, and the elongated front and rear fins, but the car ended up looking more like an oddly smashed station wagon! NOT something the Monkees would be seen riding in! Click to enlarge!

Below: The odd re-casting of the Monkeemobile kit it in 1976, into "the Fonz Dream Rod!? FUN FACT: The Monkees' own Micky Dolenz auditioned for the role of "Fonzie" when HAPPY DAYS was first being cast!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1980 Albert Bigley HULK Oil Painting! Original Marvel Comic Art!?

Yikes! This time we dig deep to bring you this 1980 oil painting of ol' Jade Jaws himself, the Incredible Hulk!  I was 15, in 9th grade then, and having already "conquered" tempera and acrylic paint mediums, was ready to tackle the ever-fickle world of oils! How'd I do?  Heh. I recall working on this beauty every day after school for a couple of weeks, fussing and changing this and that. Well, Bob Larkin I wasn't, but at least I tried! Click to enlarge!