Friday, August 21, 2015

Here Comes--The Spider-Mobile? Look Out For The Captain Americar? 1976 Madness!

As a kid, I was often inspired by not only the comic books themselves, but also the myriad merchandise that was constantly lobbed at us hardcore superhero fans! The leading juvenile juggernaut of the era, was, of course, the madcap Mego manufacturers, who lead the way with an expansive line of Marvel and DC Comics-based toys and figures, encompassing a large variety of superheroes and super-foes from the two combative companies! Below is my high-octane illustration spotlighting two oddball creations from Mego in 1976: custom vehicles made for Spider-Man and Captain America! Sure, these two swinging superheroes never needed any form of four-wheeled transportation (tho Spidey did have an irony-drenched "Spider-Mobile" for a bit in the mid-70s comics), but these dragsters sure looked swell to my 11-year-old eyes! Click below to enlarge!

Nope! Tho I immortalized these double diesel-powered doozies
in pencil and crayon, I never actually owned them as a kid!

BONUS! Gaze below to see the actual titanic toys that inspired the above drag-racing drawing!