Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fantastic Foursome?

From FANTASTIC FOUR 65, we're to assume Johnny and Ben (the Thing and Human Torch, natch) sleep in the same bed?! Use the same bathroom facilities?! Is this the BRADY BUNCH? Hoo Boy!

Remembering Sam Grainger...

Above is a picture of Marvel inker and penciller, Sam Grainger, from the mid 1980s. He's seated next to fan Robert Clyde Allen. Sam worked on many books, most famously THE AVENGERS, X-MEN, and more.

Sam was one of the first comics pros I ever met, at a 1981 Heroes Mini-Con, in Charlotte, NC. He was all you'd want in a pro, being kind, attentive, funny, and helpful. Sam also joked with my mom, who was in attendance (since I was mere months away from obtaining my driver's license), about their ages and the crazy content of comics.

I wanted to have Sam sign something, but all I had for him to autograph was a newly purchased back issue of FOOM (below) that Sam had no artwork in (an awkward, ill-advised fan move). He graciously signed the back cover, with a lovely inscription.

I refuse to part with that magazine.

Step Right Up! See Nick Cage as Superman!

'nuff said...

Unpublished Steve Ditko HULK Pin-Up! 1964!

I imagine Stan Lee, as editor, didn't warm to the idea of a pin-up spotlighting the rear side of the star....But darned fabulous pencilling work!

John Romita Spider-Man Treasury Edition Cover!

Swine Flu Scare Gone Too Far?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monkees Covers!

These guys do tons of great Monkees covers....with tongue firmly planted in cheek..Give them a listen!

Joe Kubert Marvel Ad! Oddball!

I know. It's not really fair to spotlight the great Joe Kubert in an "OMM" post. But, ya gotta love his quick sketch of the Marvel Madmen in this 1979 ad for lunchboxes! Thor's helmet looks odd, Captain America is way off, and Hulk and Thing look like to deformed construction workers chowin' down on the ol' lunchmeat...Love it!

Joe's comic art school of the day handled the preparation of these ads, and you could tell he was called upon to pinch-hit with last minute art..Were YOU gonna tell this artistic great his drawings were "off?!"

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gil Kane Cover Rough! 1976 Marvel Holiday Grab-Bag!

Above: Gil Kane's fabulous pencil rough, and final original cover art for the 1976 MARVEL HOLIDAY GRAB-BAG tabloid!

Above is the design used on a recent "frosted glass" release from the fine folks at TOON TUMBLERS! They have tons of great Silver and Bronze Age Marvel and DC art on high-quality glasses and tumblers!

Green Goblin Goof!

From 1976, here is my attempt to create some sort of poster or file of Spider-Man's "most fiendish foes!" The art is based on a Ross Andru-drawn issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and is evidence of how darn smart I thought I was, by running the finished drawing through my (manual) typewriter for the added text! Remember, this was way before computers and desktop publishing, so this was about as high-tech as it got then!

This was also produced years before the ubiquitous "handbooks" of the comics characters, too...

I'm sure I was inspired by the early 60s pin-up profile pages of the various villains, as illustrated by Steve Ditko...See first image...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Batman "New Look" 1964 Comics Ad!

From 1964's JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 28, here is one of the first comics ads to trumpet the arrival of the "New Look Batman" in comics! Up until then, Batman was depicted in roughly the same style since the 40s (see first image), and here was a daring attempt to "modernize him," with crisper art and stories, and an updated costume.....

Get Us Out From Under-Wonder Woman!

From 1964's JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 28, we see that Wonder Woman has nothing better to do than to "perform," and "put on a show" for passing ships and airlines?

Isn't there a typhoon in Chile, or an earthquake in California, or...?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fun Book Fun!

E-mail me for the amazing answers, real frantic one!

1978 INCREDIBLE HULK Painted Poster!

From the 1978 collection of four Marvel posters by the Thought Factory. This poster hung on my wall from summer 1978 on!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Comical Action Heroes! Mego Madness!

Here is a 1976 drawing of three of the super-hideous Mego Comic Action heroes action figures...I'm sure I drew this from the actual (very oddly) posed figures...BBrrrr..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fantastic Four Unpublished Epic Tale!

Yep. My own Fantastic Four mini-epic from 1976. Not only drawn by me, but written, and typed, too!

Done, of course, on a manual typewriter. And on notebook paper. Heh.

"Vasinity?" Oh, the days before spellcheck...

More Rare 60s Monkees Pics!

Here are some rare images of the Monkees from the 1967 Emmy Awards (the show won!), filming on location, pics from the MORE OF THE MONKEES cover sleeve photo session, 1968 press conferences, and more!

These last 3 pics of Peter Tork were taken in 1968 by Jeri Mastro StJohn (that's her facing us) and Rebecca (Reeves) Zane, right outside of Screen Gems studios!