Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Monkees Yell "Charge!" 1977 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art!

Another Monkees masterpiece (?) from my youth! Dig this 1977 drawing of "Mikey," Mike, Peter and Davy, as they charge up a hill in complete "foreign legion" garb! Copied from one of the famed 60s Dell MONKEES comic books, you can tell that the 11-year-old me had a long way to go, specifically when it came to capturing celebrity likenesses! Click below to enlarge!

Above: My 1977 drawing (part of a planned "portfolio?"), cribbed from a 1967
Dell MONKEES comic, the only one I owned at the time (along with a small
smattering of Monkees LPs, 8-tracks, and other memorabilia)! I bought the

 comic from a used book and magazine shop, where I regularly gorged on back-issue
superhero comics, and was thrilled to make this find! Who even knew there
were Monkees comics? Note my wonky tracing of the logo, my oh-so-funny 
captions (swiped from daily afternoon reruns of the show), and the odd 
logo featuring silhouettes of the band!

Above: The page from that same MONKEES comic book that 
inspired my pencilled piece! Art is thought to be by Jose Delbo!