Sunday, February 28, 2010

1973 Albert Bigley FLASH Cover Art! Kid Flash! Meet The Turtle! Or Not!

Yes! Here is another masterpiece from my young days! A faux cover to an imaginary issue of the FLASH! Here, the scarlet speedster and Kid Flash (possessor of the coolest superhero costume ever?) confront the slow-mo Turtle! Can the Turtle's "force-shield" mean death for the daring speeders? YOU decide, by clicking below to enlarge this image!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

1977 Albert Bigley Bruce Wayne BATMAN Art! DC Comics!?

Time to take a break from good ol' Batman, and draw his alter ego, millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne! Inspired by the then-current work (circa 1977) by artist Irv Novick, here is Bruce chillin' and kickin' in the Batcave, even smiling (like he often did in the Bronze Age) at the viewer! Even the ghost image of Batman is smiling like a sick fool! Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1980 Albert Bigley FANTASTIC FOUR Comic Art! Human Torch! Flair Pens!

Ah, high school. Below is my 1980 "cover art" inked drawing of the fabulous FANTASTIC FOUR! Drawn very quickly and inked with a flair pen (didn't know what else to use then), this was very obviously influenced by Jim Steranko's FF Marvel Index cover (below right) I got around that time. Alas, I had Jim's enthusiasm, but not his talent. Click to enlarge if ya really wanna.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Flash! 1973 Albert Bigley DC Comics Cover Art! Elongated Man!

Another faux DC Comics "cover" by me, age 8. Again, note the slavish details such as logos, blurbs, and other cover dressing.
Also love that arm of the Elongated Man (most awkward superhero name ever?)coming across that burst. Click to enlarge!

Monday, February 15, 2010

1974 Albert Bigley SPIDEY SUPER STORIES Artwork! Marvel Comics! Electric Company!

See previous posts for details on my infatuation with Spider-Man's live-action appearances on PBS TV's THE ELECTRIC COMPANY. Here is my take on a custom cover for an EC SPIDEY segment, "The Coming of the Can-Crusher!
I didn't write 'em. I just drew 'em. Click to enlarge!

You can also click here to see dozens of original 70s SPIDEY episodes, but, alas, the infamous "Can Crusher" tale is not among them.

BONUS! Click below to see me, in 1974, creating the above madcap masterpiece! Look to the lower right corner!

Monday, February 8, 2010

1975 Albert Bigley Spider-Man "Steve Ditko" Art! Stan Lee! MarvelMania!

This was an attempt to draw a "realistic" pencil version of Spider-Man, based on the mid-60s image by Marie Severin (based on Steve Ditko designs). I did NOT have that MarvelMania poster at this time (I'd snag it later in the late 80s), but based my art on the tiny image of said poster seen behind Smilin' Stan Lee, in the pic below right! That snapshot was used in the first Marvel Treasury Edition, from 1974, and I SO fixated on that odd image of Spidey! And the result? This marvelous masterpiece you now enjoy. Click to enlarge!

MORE Monkees/DC Comics Connections! Green Lantern! Silver Age!

What's this? Three more pics displaying the favored reading material of the Monkees? Sure, this was obviously staged for a wacky photo op, but Davy Jones and Michael Nesmith are seen here enjoying a long flight while killing time with issues of WORLD'S FINEST (#160) and GREEN LANTERN (#47) DC comics, bought in the airline terminal...And it was Donovan who wrote songs about Superman and Green Lantern?! Click to enlarge! Click here to ponder another possible Monkees/DC connection! 


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Custom Mego GREEN ARROW Packaging! 1975 DC Comics Neal Adams Art!

Click below to enlarge these images of the Green Arrow Mego figure! I created new "bubble card" packaging, complete with 70s art by Neal Adams, to create a dynamic new look for the Mego action figure packaging!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Albert Bigley Goes DEEP-SEA DIVING in 1975! "Very Good Art Work!"

Ahh, 5th grade, where I began to figure out that my drawing abilities could be used to snag me good grades. Don't  recall a thing about this report, except it getting the teacher's favor, due to my drawings. All that survives today is this cover. I'm sure the rest was clawed to pieces by fans wanting a portion of this 1975 masterwork for their very own.
Or not. Click to enlarge!

Monday, February 1, 2010

1975 Albert Bigley BATMAN vs Thugs Original Art! DC Comics! BANGG!

Yet another ultra-violent drawing of Batman taking on desperate, but doomed, thugs. Surely copied (by me, age 10) from the incredible art of Irv Novick, one of the BATMAN artistic masters of the 70s, this scene features guns, rifles, broken booze bottles, and a well-placed Batarang, as well as a crook (who looks like a "Life-Like Beard" GI Joe) holding his gun "thug style," 20 years before it came into fashion! Click to enlarge, gansta!