Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Bifurcated Behemoth Know as--the Bi-Beast?! 1979 Full-Color HULK Artwork by Albert Bigley?! Marvel Comics?!

You read right. The Incredible Hulk once fought an oversized foe who was tagged with the unfortunate title, "Bi-Beast." The idea was that this poor soul sported two heads, and ones that were always at odds, to boot. But, the big bi-headed brute made for some interesting visuals, so here is my own fabulous rendering of the behemoth grabbing his mismatched opponent! I used colored pencils to add a variety of haunting hues to this mini-masterpiece (drawn by me at age 14, in 1979), and had just discovered using straight-edged drawing tools to make nice and smooth lines, so...Yeah. Click to enlarge!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rare Jack Kirby CAPTAIN AMERICA Pencil Art! Al Bigley Color Art! Marvel Comics!

Help kick off CAPTAIN AMERICA week with this fantastic 80s Jack Kirby sketch of Cap himself! Jack was the co-creator of the good Captain back in the 40s, of course, and had helped revive him in the sensational 60s and (for a short return run) in the 70s, also! To many fans, Kirby's version of Cap is the only version of Cap! BONUS! Take a look to the right, and see my own painted image, based on Kirby's sketch! I used watercolors, inks, and some slight PhotoShop manipulation to make Jack's Cap come alive! Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Loving Portrait of Mr. Jim Wilson and--THE HULK?! 1978 Albert Bigley Art?! Marvel Comics!?

Ahh, what's better than a break from the usual mile-high mayhem here on this site, than a nice, quiet, and simple portrait of a young man and his dear friend? Here is a staid and sober pencil drawing done by me, at age 13 (1978), of the ever-Incredible Hulk, in a tender clinch with long-time pal, Jim Wilson. Feel the serious and tranquil vibes emanating from this peaceful, but heavy, scene of brotherhood and sincerity. Jim was then a major supporting player in the HULK comic, one of the few African-American characters, and would later even be revealed to be a relative of Sam Wilson (TheFalcon)! One of the few folks Hulk could call his friend in those turbulent days! Click to enlarge and relax!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Batman! In the Burbs?! 1977 Albert Bigley Art?! DC Comics?!

Hoo boy. Using a technique I had only tried a few times, here is the Dark Knight himself, the Batman, standing triumphantly among the crime-ridden dark streets of the--suburbs of North Carolina?! Yep, I wanted to meld my drawings with some actual photos, such as I had seen on a few comic covers then, using some "real" backgrounds, but in 1977, before the internet and such, all I had were a few issues of WOMAN'S DAY magazine (thanks, Mom!) and the local NC newspaper. So, my Neal Adams-inspired Caped Crusader gets to pose in front of some random houses that were up for sale then. Perhaps I shoulda used SOUTHERN LIVING magazine, instead? Sigh. Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1977 Albert Bigley SHAZAM! Artwork?! Captain Marvel?! DC Comics?!

Yet another blast from my artistic past! Here is my own drawing of young Billy Batson and his invincible alter-ego, Captain Marvel, as they take off for fabulous new adventures! Drawn by me at age 12, in 1977, I was certainly inspired by Neal Adams' wonderful rendering of the mystical duo, as it appeared in the 1976 DC Calendar, and also on tons of shirts, toys, and merchandise during that period! Click to enlarge!