Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1977 Albert Bigley SHAZAM! Artwork?! Captain Marvel?! DC Comics?!

Yet another blast from my artistic past! Here is my own drawing of young Billy Batson and his invincible alter-ego, Captain Marvel, as they take off for fabulous new adventures! Drawn by me at age 12, in 1977, I was certainly inspired by Neal Adams' wonderful rendering of the mystical duo, as it appeared in the 1976 DC Calendar, and also on tons of shirts, toys, and merchandise during that period! Click to enlarge!


Mitchell said...

Impressive lettering for only 12yrs old! I love that you have kept so many examples of your childhood comic drawings, and that you are willing to share them with us. I often wonder what my own would look like, as , ( sadly ) now they are all lost, and my memory of them faded.

Al Bigley said...


Thanks for the kind words!

I also run the older art to get a bit of a chuckle out of them, and to celebrate how pure and FUN it all was at that age, ya know?

I thank my Mom (deceased since 1989) for saving all of these! And, yes, I can recall the creation of each one, no matter HOW long ago it was!

Remember to keep the art you NOW create, and keep creating!