Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Loving Portrait of Mr. Jim Wilson and--THE HULK?! 1978 Albert Bigley Art?! Marvel Comics!?

Ahh, what's better than a break from the usual mile-high mayhem here on this site, than a nice, quiet, and simple portrait of a young man and his dear friend? Here is a staid and sober pencil drawing done by me, at age 13 (1978), of the ever-Incredible Hulk, in a tender clinch with long-time pal, Jim Wilson. Feel the serious and tranquil vibes emanating from this peaceful, but heavy, scene of brotherhood and sincerity. Jim was then a major supporting player in the HULK comic, one of the few African-American characters, and would later even be revealed to be a relative of Sam Wilson (TheFalcon)! One of the few folks Hulk could call his friend in those turbulent days! Click to enlarge and relax!

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