Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Bifurcated Behemoth Know as--the Bi-Beast?! 1979 Full-Color HULK Artwork by Albert Bigley?! Marvel Comics?!

You read right. The Incredible Hulk once fought an oversized foe who was tagged with the unfortunate title, "Bi-Beast." The idea was that this poor soul sported two heads, and ones that were always at odds, to boot. But, the big bi-headed brute made for some interesting visuals, so here is my own fabulous rendering of the behemoth grabbing his mismatched opponent! I used colored pencils to add a variety of haunting hues to this mini-masterpiece (drawn by me at age 14, in 1979), and had just discovered using straight-edged drawing tools to make nice and smooth lines, so...Yeah. Click to enlarge!

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