Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ant-Man Custom Mego Action Figure! YellowJacket! Avengers! Marvel Comics!

It's good ol' Hank Pym himself, ANT-MAN! Here he is, re-imagined as a custom "Mego style" action figure, made by me! One of Marvel's early Silver Age heroes uses a custom head (from the now-defunct site), and "Dr. Mego" boots and basic red outfit. The black portions of the outfit were done in paint markers, and the belt is custom-built! I went with black (instead of blue) for the accessories, since this simply works better in 3-D, and also make the suit seem more of a "work outfit," as opposed to flashy superhero togs!  Click images below to enlarge!

BONUS! Wanna see a full-sized real-life version of this Ant-Man action figure? Just click here!

BONUS BONUS: It's the 70s incarnation of the identity-crisis stricken Ant-Man, YELLOWJACKET! Using a custom-made outfit, and a re-cast of the Aurora BATMAN kit head, here is the famous Avenger as Mego woulda made him! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rare INCREDIBLE HULK Fan-Made Bust! Jack Kirby-Inspired! Silver Age Marvel Madness!

Here's a great fan-made garage-kit incredible HULK bust, inspired by the early Silver Age Marvel comics, as drawn by Jack "King" Kirby! Sculpted by Craig Davison, and offered by SeaDog Studios! The bust was cast in porcelain, and I used enamels to paint it. I came in with three shades of spray-applied green for the basic flesh and hair, using them to accent the highlights and shading, with dry-brushed grays on the base! Coatings of gloss over the eyes and teeth and hair completed the fearsome look!  A nice companion piece to the officially-released Aurora Hulk kit! Click each image to enlarge!

Below: Early 60s Jack Kirby-drawn HULK comics panels, the inspiration for the above power-packed sculpture!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Rock and Roll SPIDER-MAN! 1976 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art! The Lizard!

One of my first impressions of the ever-amazing Spider-Man came via the famous (and INfamous) 1972 super-groovy LP, SPIDER-MAN--A ROCKOMIC! This, along with afternoon reruns of the 1967 SPIDER-MAN cartoon, had me becoming a die-hard arachnid aficionado at the tender age of seven! What made it even sweeter were the stellar illustrations by Spidey's best-known artist, John Romita, Sr.! The ROCKOMIC LP came slathered with JRSR's gorgeous graphics not only on the front and back, but also within an eye-popping interior gatefold Spidey strip, too! Plus, the whole pulsatin' package came with a poster of the LP front that still hangs on my wall today! So, it was inevitable that, a few years down the road, I'd try my young hand at drawing much of the art from this audio treasure! Take a glance below, to see my feverish scrawlings based on the beautiful back cover of this rollickin' rock rarity! Altho only eleven years old when I attempted this, I just had to try to master that sense of weight, dynamic anatomy, and lush inking that Romita (seemingly) so easily displayed in his work! How'd I do? Don't answer that, just click below to enlarge..

I can still recall my concerned Mom, eyeing this LP suspiciously in a department store in Cherry Hill, NJ, as I begged and pleaded
for the purchase of this treasure! She thought, based on the exterior of the album, that it was way too "adult" and
frightening for a 7-year-old me, but she relented, and I've never been the same since, God bless her!