Saturday, August 28, 2010

Albert Bigley THOR Original Art? Shirley Bigley Scripts! Bill Bixby Gets Zapped!

This HAS to be the oddest piece of art from my own archives I've ever run. Inspired by NOT BRAND ECHH, Marvel Comic's parody and humor magazine, I drew this little beauty, but left the word balloons blank, handing over the Stan Lee-like scripting chores to my Mom, Shirley! She took the ball and ran with it, giving Stan Lee a run for his money! You now get a 1980 titanic tale featuring Lou Ferrigno, Bil Bixby (then the stars, of course, of the TV series INCREDIBLE HULK), Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Mighty Thor! Huh? Click to enlarge, if ya must!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Spidey vs Doc Ock! 1976 Albert Bigley Comic Art! Ouch!

Who could resist a great illustration of Spider-Man going into blazing battle against the evil and cunning Doctor Octopus? Well, instead of that, here is a terrible drawing of same! Drawn by me in '76, age 11, ol' Webhead seems to have no problem with sacking Doc right in his already-ugly puss, from a mile high! At east the good Doctor had the foresight to cover his embarrassed face during the melodramatic melee! Click to enlarge!

Friday, August 6, 2010

1976 INCREDIBLE HULK Albert Bigley Comic Art! "Incredible Sulk?!" Marvel Comics?

It's time for funny! Here is my 1976 parody of the then-new HULK iron-on from the Mead paper and school supply folks! I thought it woulda been SO humorous to spoof (WACKY PACKAGES-style) the logo, pose, and packaging, and, for an 11-year-old, maybe it was! You laughing yet? Click to enlarge all images, laff-lovers!