Saturday, September 8, 2012

Adam West! TV BATMAN Fan-Made Custom Model Kit! DC Comics!

ZAP! It's Adam West as BATMAN! This big (around 12 inches tall) fan-made "garage kit" is all hard solid resin, and has all the details, including an uncanny likeness to Bat-actor Adam West! I painted it using acrylics, with added touches from inking pens and markers! Here is the 1966 TV BATMAN ready for action! Click images to enlarge!

 Note the use of high-gloss paint (cape, boots, etc) against the flat matte paint (leotard, flesh)!

Some dry-brushing of acrylics was applied to cheeks and other areas of the face...Kudos to the sculptor, as the face, likeness, details, and anatomy are spot-on! Click here to see another terrific (and more famous) Batman model kit!

Below: The famed pose, as seen in the original still, and used for the BATMAN 1966 movie poster!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Return of TIRE MAN! Don Bigley! 1982 Albert Bigley Artwork!

Another published strip created by me in 1982 (age 17) for my Dad's then-business, BIGLEY TIRE! Re-imaginging my Dad as a stern superhero who helps truckers and farm-workers with tire troubles, "Tire Man" flies into comedic action, mostly inspired by my acquiring back issues of NOT BRAND ECHH! and other humor comics! Yes, this quickly-produced strip actually ran in the LAURINBURG EXCHANGE newspaper, horrifying hundreds of regular readers of that 3-times-a-week publication! Looking at this piece now, it's clear that my Dad (who passed away on August 2nd, 2012) was certainly full of support (and patience) when it came to my burgeoning art skills and interests. Thank, Dad! Click to enlarge!

Below: Actual early-80s BIGLEY TIRE newspaper ads!

Below: Don Bigley himself, circa 1986!