Saturday, September 8, 2012

Adam West! TV BATMAN Fan-Made Custom Model Kit! DC Comics!

ZAP! It's Adam West as BATMAN! This big (around 12 inches tall) fan-made "garage kit" is all hard solid resin, and has all the details, including an uncanny likeness to Bat-actor Adam West! I painted it using acrylics, with added touches from inking pens and markers! Here is the 1966 TV BATMAN ready for action! Click images to enlarge!

 Note the use of high-gloss paint (cape, boots, etc) against the flat matte paint (leotard, flesh)!

Some dry-brushing of acrylics was applied to cheeks and other areas of the face...Kudos to the sculptor, as the face, likeness, details, and anatomy are spot-on! Click here to see another terrific (and more famous) Batman model kit!

Below: The famed pose, as seen in the original still, and used for the BATMAN 1966 movie poster!

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