Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Bigley Vanishes! Scary Unexplained Pic! Unexplained Pants!

Here is a very odd picture of me, taken by my dad in 1972 or so, at an animal park in New Jersey. Scary enough, huh? But, here I am at the petting zoo area, reaching down to pet some passing llama, chicken,  or such, and I seem to be vanishing into thin air!

Now, these were the days of camera film, and self-winding advancement for your film that could create a "double exposure" effect, but my dad would have to have been taking a previous picture of the same ground I was standing on in the pic before to get this effect!

Errie!  And those pants are also kinda frightening..

Remembering the FLASH 1990 CBS TV Series!

Anyone recall THE FLASH? The TV series ran (heh) for only a brief time in 1990-91 on CBS, and starred John Wesley Shipp as the scarlet speedster. Remarkable special effects and storylines couldn't save it from the Thursday night one-two punch of the COSBY SHOW and the still-new SIMPSONS, so...

Of course, THE FLASH would fit right in with today's wacky cable line up of vampire slayers, space trekkers, forensic scientists, and such..

Here are some 1990 TV GUIDE articles and examinations of the superhero march to the silver screens, both large and small...


Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Marvel Fun Book Friday! Which Pym Wins?

1984 Super Powers Sears Christmas Wishbook Page! Batman! Flash!

Here's a page from the Sears 1984 Christmas Wishbook, spotlighting the then-new SUPER POWERS and MARVEL SECRET WARS action figure, playset, and vehicle lines.

"Tower of Doom." Heh.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Neal Adams Rarities! Robin! Joker! Green Arrow! Captain America!

Some little-seen art rarities by Neal Adams!
A 1980 comics fanzine ad! Early 90s designs
for the "new look" Robin for DC's BATMAN
books! And, a recent Joker fan sketch, spot-
lighting the grinning felon as he appeared
in the famous Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers/
Terry Austin BATMAN comics!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Captain America Throws--Himself?!

Lifted (by me in '73) from a reprint of a mid-60s TALES OF SUSPENSE Jack Kirby tale, here is Captain America, leaping into perilous battle against the evil Red Skull and various half-rendered baddies.

I THINK that's a chain Cap has used to propel himself onto the dastardly minions...

The poor guy in the lower right foreground is somehow managing to hit the BACK of Cap' s shield and have his bullet deflect from it...

What Kinda Man Reads PLAYBOY? Round 2!

Yes, another early 70s ad for PLAYBOY, or rather, PLAYBOY's advertisers. Again, note the not-so-subtle imagery here. The macho skin diver grasping a large tube sprouting from between his legs, thrusting it toward not one, but two shapely gals swimming toward him, one already groping said tube. The lady in the rear tenderly handles and spreads stiff fingers of local sea vegetation...


Monday, October 26, 2009

Gorgeous Gil Kane MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION Cover Art! 1973 Greatness!

Another great 1973 Marvel original cover art piece, this time the front of MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION # 10, reprinting early 60s AVENGERS tales! Great pencils by Gil Kane, with slick inks by (possibly) Joe Sinnott!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Gil Kane MARVEL TREASURY Cover Roughs! Spidey! Daredevil! 1976!

Here is another great pencil rough by Gil Kane for the 1976 MARVEL TREASURY EDITION of "Greatest Superhero Team-Ups." Gil's wonderfully loose and frantic figures are all on display here!

But, in the final version, is that John Romita Sr, inking Gil, or the other way around? Or no further Kane involvement at all?

Oh, the questions that keep me up at night...


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peter Anthony Holder and the STUPH FILES!

Be sure to visit the pop culture-centric podcasts of Peter Anthony Holder! Interviews with celebrities from comics, film, TV, comedy, plus interesting news and tidbits to enlighten, entertain, and invigorate you!

Click the pic to check out the STUPH FILES!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Marvel Funbook Friday Fun! Invisible Girl's Vowel Movements!

E-mail me to make the answers materialize, true believer!

1966 MARVEL SUPERHEROES Cartoon Seller Ads! Kirby Art!

Here they are! These color ad sheets were sent to local stations in the USA to sell the MARVEL SUPERHEROES Cartoons in 1966! These show were stripped into afternoon kiddie programming then, and used actual comic art and stories from the books themselves, to create the most faithful adaptations of the famous comics ever!

ADDED BONUS BELOW: The actual (and little seen) opening for the series, from it's 1966 airings!

BONUS BONUS BONUS! Click below to see an actual Boston-area ad for the afternoon broadcasts of this sensational 60s show!

Special thanks to Steven Thompson for the above clipping!

1994 Monkees Watch! Rhino Records Exclusive!

This is a little-seen Monkees wristwatch from the fine folks at Rhino Records. Click for a huge image!

The watch was a mail-in premium from the then-new Monkees catalog CD re-issue effort, and features fabulous custom graphics.

I wore the watch for a few years, and, after accidentally washing it, dropping it, neglecting it, the thing never stopped working!

Not bad for a freebie item.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SUPERMAN 2! Superboy 0!

Get a load of this 1963 SUPERBOY story. Three surviving villains from
Krypton's earlier days survive in the Phantom Zone, and are set free
by an astral blast. They come to Earth, were they revel in their
new-found yellow sun-induced super powers (after encountering an Earth 
animal, here a tiger, in the film, a snake), then challenge the Boy of Steel, 
but only after robbing and pillaging throughout the world.

The three scoundrels are stripped of their powers by finally being
tricked (in a last minute "bait and switch" gambit) by Superboy.
Sounds an awful lot like 1980's SUPERMAN 2 plot, huh?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1974 Aurora Spider-Man Model Kit Original Comic Art! Romita!

Here is the original art to the cover of the 1974 Aurora "Comic Scenes" Spider-man model kit. Drawn by the incredible John Romita Sr., this little custom comic book was included inside the model kit box, and represents one of the most iconic versions of the Web-Slinger ever.

Great art and story, with a classic Spidey foe, and a shot of the completed model kit.  What more could ya want?

BONUS! Click below to enlarge a few pages of incredible original art created for this monumental comic!