Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fantastic Four! The Way It Began?!

My 1976 attempt to re-create the much re-created cover to FANTASTIC FOUR number 1.



John said...

I loved that record as a kid!


Chris Tolworthy said...

OK, I'm a bit late and very nerdy, but are you sure it isn't a mash up of Gorr the golden gorilla (see the cover to 171: your version says 169) and 126 (yours says "the way it began" on the cover)? But if it IS a genuine issue 1 homage than can I use it on my FF1 homages page?

PS your monster's face looks just like Herbert, the robot minder for Franklin in Marvel Knights Fantastic Four... you should sue for royalties :)

Al Bigley said...

You know what? You're probably right, as I woulda JUST bought that "Gorr" FF ish then!

Have NO idea about more recent stuff, tho..Stopped reading most comics a LONG time ago, like most fans my age, due to the horrible writing and art these days…

Of course, I say "these days," meaning anything post-1988!

Al Bigley