Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hawkeye! The Making of a 2017 Cosplay! Avengers! Marvel Comics Madness!

After whipping up colossal cosplays of Captain America and Batman '66 (click here), I set my sights on another colorful costume creation, one I've longed admired! I decided to tackle the titanic task of bringing a real-life version of Hawkeye into the world! Of course, to me, only the Silver/Bronze Age Hawkeye would do, (forget that deadly dull AVENGERS movie version) with his amazingly wonderful and eye-catching threads from that period! Zing along below to follow my step-by-step process! Click images below to enlarge!

Above two images: From the early 70s, here are two covers
that supplied me with some of my first glimpses at the (once evil)
archer! I based my costume on this look!

Above: Using a commercially available Captain America
pull-over wool mask, I brought out the black dye, to get
started on Hawkeye's head mask, but...

Above two images: My inky dye just wouldn't cover all the
lighter mask elements, so...I added a cut and customized semi-rigid
Captain America (him again?) mask, covering the un-dye-able
areas of the head mask...

Above two images: Once cut and trimmed and the two masks
are merged, I sketched in the famous "H" design, using paint 


Above four images: Now to add the famous flared eye-mask portion,
but...None of these seem just right. Too large and cumbersome...

Above: That's more like it! A smaller, more stylized eye-mask (crafted from foam) worked much better!

Above three images: Now to begin work on the tunic! Starting with a
sleeveless gray garment (one I felt could best evoke, but not exactly
copy, Hawkeye's tunic/yoke combo), I  removed the front pockets,
then broke out the purple dye. Then the black paint. Then the
black paint pens. Then the purple paint touch-ups. Then...

Above two images: A basic archery set would provide the bow and arrows...
Being mindful of comics convention hall weapons restrictions, I used only
the rear ends of each arrow (painted the appropriate colors, natch), to
glue into the hollow quiver...

Above: Also in regards to con regulations, I knew any arrowhead even
somewhat resembling real arrow tips would be a no-no, so it was
time to create a very obvious "stunt" arrowhead! A portion of
a plastic water blaster (part of a kid's toy) would do well, after
some custom paint!

Above two images: What about the character's iconic wristbands?
Using "can cozies," I cut and customized my way to the right look
and fit! Some "hammered finish" and purple (and gloss coating) spray
paint applications, along with added shapes and stencils, and...

Above: Western boots were customized with
added "pirate/buccaneer" flaps, all hit with
matching purple hues...

Above: Uhhh...Loincloths were created. Yeah.

Above three images: At last! After months of work, I get my first
look, with (almost) all the costume pieces together! Not bad! A few
tweaks here and there and...

Above: Taa-daaaa! Ol' Hawkeye makes his public debut, at Heroes Con 2017!
Along with the above created costume pieces, I added black leggings, a
customized quiver, upper arm bands, and a customized belt!

Above two images: After initial public outings as ol' Clint Barton, I was
told something was missing. That's right. Younger comics fans wanted
to see me re-enact the cover to 1982's AVENGERS #223, with a tiny Ant-Man

riding one of my arrows to a swiftly-reached destination!
Once I found a tiny lil Ant-Man figure, away we went! The above
homage cover was assembled by fellow graphic designer
Edward Fields!

Above: Yep. Just had to homage that famous panel..

Above: How I felt after the months of
making the costume! Fit to be tied!