Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 NC Comicon! Colossal Costumed Cosplay Cut-Ups! Captain America (and Marvel)!

Back from another claustrophobia-causing convention, this time the famed NC Comicon, in Durham, North Carolina! Click each pic below to enlarge!

Above: Ready to go! New shield! New helmet! Same old pants.

Above: Buster wants to be "Canine Captain America!" Uhm...

Above: Hard to miss! This must be the place…

Above: Ready to hit the con floor! 

Above: Wolverine and Rogue are always happy
to get a 3-hour lecture on con etiquette!

Above: "Did I leave my keys at home?"

Above: Me, with a great "Wednesday Addams" cosplayer!

Above: There should be a law against putting that many mirrors in an elevator!

Above: Amazing gender-twisting versions of Loki and Thor!

Above: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! I'm joined by Hulk and Iron Man! At last!

Above: It's my frenemy, Winter Soldier!

Above three images: SHAZAM! A fabulous Captain Marvel cosplayer! Dig that detail!

Above: I know I've seen this guy before somewhere...

Above two images: Flash meets Flash! The race is on! 

Above: I meet Sharon Carter! "Agent 13" to
those of us in the spy biz. Shhhhh!

Above: Captain Kirk and Spider-Man enjoy the generous buffet spread!

Above: I give famed Neal Adams an earful! "So, BATMAN: ODYSSEY. Really?"

Above: Cosplayers gather for one of many group shots taken during the 3-day event!

Above: Good ol' Nick Fury drops by!

Above two images: Evil Ultron makes the scene!
"Bring me the (shell)head of Iron Man!"

Above: Steve Rogers and me! "Before and after?"
He even carried his own 4-F papers!

Above: Famed fandom friend Robert Clyde Allen stops to chat!

Above: "Mine's bigger than yours…"

Above three images: Unmasked at last! 
"Alas, poor Cappy, I knew him, Horatio..."

Above three images: This amazing family came to the
show as the 60s X-Men and sinister sentinel! What fun!

Above: Me and my miss, flanked by two diabolical Daleks!

Above: "You can text all ya want, honey, but I'll stick
to my Silver Age GREEN LANTERN comics!"

Above: A DR. WHO foursome!

Above: What? Yet another Winter Soldier?!

Above: The charity-minded Excelsior League lines up for even more photo shoots...

Above: That tiny-titan Captain America did
not want a thing to do with me! At first….

Above: Reverse Flash and Green Arrow attacking me? And, to
throw a tiny Bucky doll at me? The fiends! have they no decency?

Above: "Say, aren't you Batman?"

Above three images: Meeting with the great Steve Barr (who runs the
marvelous charity that provides art supplies and "chalk talk" visits
to kids in hospitals), and his once-hospital bound young friend, Paris! 

Above: A nicely-staged pro pic, and...

…the taking and arranging of the above power-packed pic!

Above: Another guy who looks oddly familiar! And, we're
each getting "photo-bombed" by some real oddballs!

Above: Rocked by the Shocker! When have you ever seen this Spider-Man villain cosplayed?

Above: "What a ridiculous costume!"

Above: About sums it up! Sunday rolled around, and this was 
how everyone felt! Thanks to Allyson Bigley, Taylor Handy, and O'Brien Howard 
for contributing many of the above pics!

Above: Just had to include this panel from a 1975 IRON MAN
comic. "The more things change, the more they stay the same…"