Friday, July 8, 2011

Batman! In the Burbs?! 1977 Albert Bigley Art?! DC Comics?!

Hoo boy. Using a technique I had only tried twice, here is the Dark Knight himself, the Batman, standing triumphantly among the crime-ridden dark streets of the--suburbs of North Carolina?! Yep, I wanted to meld my drawings with some actual photos, such as I had seen on a few comic covers then, using some "real" backgrounds, but in 1977, before the internet and such, all I had were a few issues of WOMAN'S DAY magazine (thanks, Mom!) and the local NC newspaper. So, my Neal Adams-inspired Caped Crusader gets to pose in front of some random houses that were up for sale then. Perhaps I shoulda used SOUTHERN LIVING magazine, instead? Sigh. Click to enlarge.

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