Thursday, December 10, 2009

Albert Bigley Art! "New Look for Robin!" Batman! 1976! DC Comics!

Those of you who remember 70s comics will recall the semi-regular feature in the BATMAN books, "A New Look for Robin." Readers were allowed to send in their drawings featuring radical new takes on the Boy Wonder's costume, leaving behind the yellow cape and short pants (heh) in most cases.

The main attraction to me was getting your art actually published in a real (gasp) DC comic book! Hence, the sad costume design below (click to enlarge). Still with the short pants and canary (get it?) yellow cape. All made worse with the added mini-dress look. As if Robin didn't get teased enough with the old outfit.

I, thankfully, never sent this puppy in, and DC, of course, would never change Robin's highly recognizable and profitable (for toy licensing) outfit until the anything-goes early 90s, in yet another desperate publicity stunt of the day.

THAT time, he lost the short pants.

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