Friday, March 1, 2013

Davy Jones! With Fans in 1966! With Al Bigley in 1998! Video! Monkees!

Observing one year since the passing of dynamic Davy Jones, here are even more rare images from his pandemonium-packed past! Click below to enlarge each!

Above: The Monkees romp it up on the set of the EVERYWHERE A SHEIK, SHEIK episode in 1967!

Above: Davy was always generous with his time and
efforts, not only in the 60s (as seen above), but
right up to his 2012 passing...

Above two pics: Davy on stage with the Monkees in 1968!

The Monkees reunite in 1989, to receive their "star" on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame! They flank Monkees producer Bert Schneider in this rare pic!

Above: Al Bigley (me!) meets Davy at a 1998 North Carolina event! 
What did I have him sign? Click here! Want more? Read on...

BONUS! Click below to view this ultra-rare video of Davy meeting and greeting fans at a 1998 event in Greensboro, North Carolina! I shot this footage myself, and it displays Davy's love and devotion to his followers, as he made sure everyone (including me) received autographs, pictures, and a bit of his time! Note also how Davy (always the entertainer) played to my camera at times!


Jan Chilton said...

That session in Greensboro was the first time I ever laid eyes on Davy face to face. You panned over me as I sat on the side of the stage and watched him for two solid hours as he (and I) sang Monkees songs along with the PA. I went through the line once and got a picture with him, then went through again at the end and got a hug and a kiss on the lips. And of course YOU DIDN"T GET EITHER TIME ON THIS VIDEO! I would sell my soul to find a picture somewhere of that kiss. I never got over that...what a dream come true. But thanks for uploading this. If you ever take it off YouTube, please PLEASE send me the video....
Jan Chilton
Myrtle Beach, SC
luvdavy at

Al Bigley said...


Glad you enjoyed it!

I only had SO much film to use, and simply couldn't get EVERYTHING on film!


Jan Chilton said...

Al, did you keep the stuff you didn't include in this video? He stood up, walked over to me, and kissed and hugged me. I just hung on and died. I think it was towards the end. I had on a black and white sweater.

I was about the third one up to start with, and then went back at the end and went through again. It was the second time....

Al Bigley said...

All I have is what you see here.

Sorry it wasn't to your liking...

Al Bigley

Jan Chilton said...

I enjoyed it regardless. I just wish somebody somewhere had a shot of my kiss...:-(