Saturday, July 4, 2009

Comic "Action" Heroes!

From around 1976, here is my attempt at a new front display piece for the Mego action figure carrying case. Love that Joker!

I discovered you could slit the plastic front and remove the old image board, and insert any new one, so I made my own, but this time, it's for the diminutive Comic Action Figures! You know, the sad little, poorly-crafted Mego plastic figures that look as if they're--uh--pleasuring themselves...heh...

This plan was soon abandoned once I realized the Mego case was the perfect size for pacing in around 20 comic books...Off to school with them I went!


thrdgll said...

You are approaching Daniel Johnston levels of greatness with this piece.

The sad part is, I know creating a new cover for your Mego carrying case is a project you'd take on today.

Al Bigley said...

What do you mean? I'm working on that same thing now!