Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Daredevil vs. Captain America! The Making of a Marvel Cosplay Comics Cover! Video!

 I had to do it!

Using my own cosplay design for Daredevil and Captain America, I just had to recreate this eye-catching colossal cover from 1968!

The Jack Kirby-drawn cover scene to DAREDEVIL #43 is one of the most iconic, most dynamic images ever, and it was fairly easy to replicate, using these two cosplays!

Click below to enlarge the image, and to check out the accompanying video, to see just how I did it!

Wanna look into the process of how the above sensational scene was created? Just glom onto this short and sweet video!


Ramona said...

Thank you for fostering a sense of community through your blog.

Betsafe said...

Your blog has had a lasting impact on my personal and professional development.