Saturday, January 4, 2014

More Magnificent Mego Madness! Custom Packaging! Flash! Green Arrow! Spidey! Batman!

I've shown a few of my own custom Mego-like action figures before, but here is a look at the custom packaging I've created for many figures (old and new) over the years! Click each to enlarge!

Above: Different packaging for the recent Mattel "Retro-Action" Batman figure, including
classic 60s graphics by famed DC Comics artist, Carmine Infantino! The recent
Mego-like action figure line featured some very nice figures, but very
dull packaging!

Above: The original 1973 Mego Joker figure is seen on a spiffy new card that
sports classic 60s art by (again) Carmine Infantino! The bottom tier shows
off the new Lex Luthor and Captain Cold Mattel figures, but on great
new cards with eye-catching artwork!

Above: A custom Riddler card is used to display the new (as of 2014) action
figure produced by the Figures Toy Co. firm (who are re-offering the original
Mego Bat-figures to today's collectors and fans)! I again used great mid-60s
Infantino graphics, in an attempt to evoke the flavor of the 70s
Riddler Mego packaging!

Above: The new Mattel Superman figure is seen on a new card, while a
custom-made Robin figure gets the "original" card treatment (left), and
is also seen with a 70s Neal Adams "Teen Wonder" image (right)!

Above: Two different Green Arrow cards, and two different figures! On the left
is seen the new Mattel figure (with packaging that sports Neal Adams art), and, on
the right, Mego's original 1975 GA action figure, on a nice new card with
Curt Swan artwork! 

Above: Neal Adams art is seen with the new Mattel Green Lantern figure, but an
original 1974 Batgirl gets the Carmine Infantino treatment! We also see a Speedy
custom figure on a great card that features Nick Cardy art!

Above: A custom Flash figure is seen next to colossal Curt Swan artwork, as his
partner, Kid Flash (an original 1977 figure) is displayed on his own custom card!
The new Mattel Wonder Woman figure is seen on her own custom card with
Neal Adams art, while an original 1972 Aquaman is carded next to a classic image!

Above: It's the classic Aquaman card again, but this time it's paired with the new
Mattel figure (left)! Captain Marvel (right) looks sharp on his own custom
card, also!

Above: A classic 1973 Spider-Man figure has his choice of two card styles! One
with 60s Steve Ditko (Spidey's co-creator) art, or a snazzy card with jazzy
John Romita Sr. artwork!

Above: Why should Spidey have all the fun? Here is his arch foe, the
grinning Green Goblin (original 1974 figure), on his own custom card, with 

flawless art by John Romita, Sr.!

Above: Custom figures of Spider-Man foes Mysterio, Kingpin, and Electro are
seen with faux cards (with Dikto and Romita artwork), while Dr. Octopus
(a custom figure) is displayed with even more classic Silver Age Romita artwork!

Above: A custom Captain America is seen on two card types, both
spotlighting 60s comic art by Jack Kirby, Cap's 1940s co-creator!

Above: More madcap Marvel Megos! Spidey foes the Rhino and Vulture (both
customized figures) get custom cards, with more Romita art featured, while
Thor and Ant-Man (also a custom) get the Kirby treatment! Iron Man is an
original 1975 Mego figure, while Dr. Strange, a custom job, is seen on his
own occult-culled card with more riotous Romita art!

Above: My box art for my custom Rhino and Doc Ock
Mego figures! Made to look like the "real thing,"
if Mego had ever produced these figures!


Unknown said...

I would COLLECT'EM ALL!!!! Magnificent!!!

Mike D. said...

Wow Al... You're brilliant!!! and crazy... I love it!

Al Bigley said...

Thank you both!

Al Bigley

Mike D. said...

i just noticed Robin has a repainted astronaut head from the
POA series