Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Custom Mego Card Craziness! Catwoman! Rare Batgirl Figure! DC Comics!

I can't help myself. I have to create crazy custom cards for many of the action figures in my collection, be they original 70s issues, my own customs, or recent re-releases of the older gems! Click below to enlarge these indelible images of my new displays for two Mego Bat-blasts-from-the-past, Batgirl and Catwoman!

Above: That's right! It's one of the rare "screen-printed body suit" Batgirl
figures, made by Mego, briefly, in '74! The firm soon went to a different
type of outfit for the figure, making this version quite rare! I was lucky

to pick this up at a comics show, for a song!

Above: I wanted to create a custom card for the figure's display, one that reflected
the original toy graphics! So, I re-worked and re-figured the classic Carmine Infantino
art, and brought in familiar Mego card graphics and logos...

Above: Although her outfit and base figure are original issue,  I added
the custom glove fins, and a repo cape and helmet!

Above: The Batgirl custom card, featuring colossal Carmine Infantino!
The logo was whipped up by Don Heck, BG's early 70s artist!

Above: The actual 1967 DETECTIVE COMICS cover from which the
above Batgirl card image was lifted (with a ton of re-figuring)!
Art by Carmine Infantino!

Above: Here is the recent (from Figures, Inc.) re-issue of the catty Catwoman!
I wanted a card that had the feel of the  original 70s Mego offerings, so...
Once I added the other Mego logos and graphics, a terrific display was born!

Above: The custom Catwoman card, featuring re-worked Neal Adams art!

Above: Here's the actual 1969 BATMAN comic cover from
which the above capering Catwoman image was lifted!
Art by Neal Adams!

Above: Both fabulous figures, displayed!

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