Monday, March 5, 2012

ComicAL Action Heroes! 1976 Albert Bigley Artwork! Batman? DC Comics?!

Ah, yes, here we have more 1976 illustrations, in which I drew inspiration from another set of toys from the venerable Mego corporation! This time it's the gawd-awful, super-awkward "Comic Action Heroes!" CAH was a sad line of barely-painted, stiffly posed (what are their hands doing there, anyway?) "action" figures! Mego produced these alongside with their original 8-inch line of figures, as a way to hedge the ever-spiralling plastic and petroleum costs in the the mid-70s, but the line didn't exactly set the waiting world ablaze! But, it does seem I (age 11) was somewhat excited enough by them to draw a line-up of these three DC stalwarts! Click to enlarge, figure fans!

I probably used images from the COMIC ACTION HEROES catalog (came with the figures) for this scene!

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Deron said...

I've still got the entire set of Marvel and DC figures and the exploding bridge with Batmobile.