Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ring Around the Rhino! 1976 Albert Bigley Artwork! Marvel Comics?!

Another great one (?) from my archives! Here is my "fact sheet" on the famed Spider-Man foe, the Rhino! Drawn by me in 1976, at age 11, this was to be the start of a massive fact file on such sinister and sordid super-villains! But, alas, this (and a few other drawings) was as far as I got, before being distracted by other awesome (and unfinished) artistic matters that also involved cramming my artwork into an electric typewriter! The brain-teasing question still remains--for whom exactly was such a voluminous file intended? Click below to enlarge, art lovers!

Have fun counting all the typos and misspellings above! Long-time fans will note that
my synopsis of Rhino's life and times above bear no relation to his actual origins in
the comics! I had no access to his first appearance then, and made up my own story!

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