Monday, March 24, 2014

Batman and Robin vs. The Master Mind?! 1977 Albert Bigley Art! DC Comics?!

Another rare "treat" for faithful BIG GLEE! followers (all seven of you)! Here is my (age twelve) version of a Silver/Bronze Age BATMAN cover that never was! Seems I thought Batman and Robin shoulda matched wits with a new super-foe I dreamt up, called the Master Mind! Not only does he twist Robin into his own personal murder-machine, but the Teen Wonder's weapon of choice seems to be a flaming knife! Or is that a sword of ice? A popsicle? And--Shouldn't that blurb read "Control of the Master Mind?" Click below to enlarge this 1977 masterpiece!

BONUS! Click below to gaze at the Neal Adams-created cover that was undoubtably my inspiration for Batman's panicked pose above! I had access then to a great used bookstore, one that sold Silver Age comics, and I must have snagged this 1969 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS at the time!

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