Monday, September 6, 2010

Batman Enters The Slums! "It's Wrong to Deal With--THEM!" 1976 DC Comics Art!

This is my version, drawn at age 11 in '76, of the first few pages of 1971's classic BRAVE AND THE BOLD # 94! Already a Nick Cardy art fan, I lOVED this all-Cardy issue, and wanted to draw it panel for panel! Alas, I ran out of steam around page 1 1/2, but not before I got to depict Batman and a flustered Commissioner Gordon discussing the "slums," and "dealing with THEM!" Unintentionaly wrong and funny. I think. Click to enlarge!


Andrew Wahl said...

Hey, Al:

That's a great cover! I've never read that one, and will be adding it to my want list ASAP. DC's efforts to use the Teen Titans in stories "relevant" to the "youth culture" certainly produced some fun results.


Al Bigley said...

Notice how I also changed "Mr. President," to "Mr. Carter..."


Al Bigley