Monday, May 11, 2009

Whose Baby Are Ya?

About 6 people will get the title of this one..

Anyway, this 1977 drawing was swiped from a BATMAN FAMILY (loved that book) comic. Maybe one of the Curt Swan drawn stories.

An early attempt to understand female anatomy, realizing it ain't just a male body with some bumps added...

Looks like I lost interest when the time came to draw the thug's lower body...And my signature...And the background details...I thought then a HINT of background was enough....Hey, you were lucky to get THAT!

Check out the size of that noggin on Batgirl! Wow!


Sam said...

I love kid drawings of Superheros. Wish to hell I would have saved mine.

Anonymous said...

I get the title - that makes 7, right? lol

Keep up this great stuff!