Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Batman! Lord of the Rings? 1976 Albert Bigley Art! Joker! Two-Face! DC Comics?!

Yet another big one from my artistic past! Enamored with a then-novel multi-part story in the BRAVE AND THE BOLD team-up title in mid-1976, I just had to reproduce one of the stellar Jim Aparo-drawn covers from that riotous run! But, an 11-year old me just didn't have the skills of a seasoned industry vet like Aparo then, so this is what ya got! Batman rides a decidedly 2-D paper horse! Green Arrow is threatened by a mere knife on a pole (since I didn't leave room for his would-be executioner)!  And, I tipped the "gimmick" of the story by showing that it was the tiny titan himself, the Atom, who was secretly maneuvering the ring (hung from a limb held by Two-Face?!) so as to allow the Caped Crusader a clear shot at wining GA's freedom! Urk! See more of my captivating classic cover re-creations here! Click image below to enlarge!

Dontcha just love how the Atom has his minuscule feet hooked 
under the inner part of the ring? Such realism!

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