Friday, April 2, 2010

SHAZAM! 1974 Albert Bigley Original Art! Jackson Bostwick Lives! Sorta.

Ah, who didn't love TV's 1974 SHAZAM! Saturday morning live-action show? Chock full of everything but action, it still was kinda interesting, no? Saddled with a low budget and parental group restrictions, the only exciting moments came when good ol' Captain Marvel came on the scene to perform a super-feat, then give a dumbed-down moral to the kids watching. DC Comics published one oversized SHAZAM! tabloid edition with ol' Cap himself, Jackson Bostwick, on the cover. I (age 9) musta felt inspired, so here is my own portrait of Mr. Bostwick! Click to enlarge and appreciate!!

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tatetearitup said...

Hey I own this comic, but can't find much information on it. Do you know anything else about it? Such as value or rarity. I would really appreciate some help, thanks.