Monday, April 5, 2010

IRON MAN Book and Record?! 1976 Albert Bigley Original Art! Marvel Comics!?

Heh. In line with my previous post about my attempts to create my own Power Records comics, here is the cover (as far as I got) for my own IRON MAN Power "book and record set!" I fully lifted the art to the cover of IRON MAN 86, then added the Power Records logo and trade trimmings! All that was left was to record the book's interior on my handy Sears audio tape recorder...which I never got around to. Again, my eyes were bigger than my ability then! Click to enlarge!


Anonymous said...

That's some nice art-work, there. How old were you?

I am well aware of those "big dreams" involving Sears tape recorders. I tried to read the whole Star Wars comic book series covering the movie (iss. 1-6) and petered about about 10 pages through. But, we dared to dream, didn't we?


Al Bigley said...

Thanks! I was 11!

That's why you'll see SO many comics I tried to draw that only made it to page 3 or so...It wasn't until high school before I MADE myself complete total comics, for the practice!

I once attempted, as a kid, to tape record "bridge segments" to go with the Power Records JUSTICE LEAGUE LP! I thought Spider-Man shoulda been included, so..