Thursday, July 10, 2014

ZOWIE! Custom Burt Ward "Robin" Action Figure and Card! 1966 BATMAN Greatness!

Back again with yet another eye-popping "Mego" custom package! This time, it's for the recently-released "Robin (as portrayed by Burt Ward)" action figure, from those jolly elves at Figures Toy Company! The firm has set loose Mego-esque 8-inch action figures of not only the Boy Wonder, but also Batman, Riddler, and the jocular Joker, all in the sensational 1966 BATMAN TV-series style! I was dissatisfied with the rather bland packaging provided for the figures, so, once again, I created my own colorful custom card on which to display this terrific toy! Click below to enlarge pics!

Above: The original figure on card! I can do much better...

Above: After much work, my custom card is ready! I tried to bring in all
the 60s "pop art" elements, such as the colorful dot pattern, the famous
logos, etc…The image of Burt Ward ("Robin") needed a bunch of
work, also, to get the desired effect!

Above: The awesome action figure, mounted on the
custom card and clamshell! Looks much better!

Above: The card with clamshell alone! Now, time to get
to work on the other characters from  the line!


david_b said...




Ok, UBER-Fantastic.

Al Bigley said...

Thanks so much!

Al Bigley

Mike Artelle said...

Awesome job on the Burt Ward/Robin card!!! I agree that the original Figures Toy Company card was quite poorly done. They should hire you! :) Thanks for posting this!!!

Rick said...

Love the blurb "From the Hit ABC-TV Series.