Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nick Fury! Custom SHIELD Mego Action Figure! Marvel Comics!

Yet another one of my custom Mego figures, this one made sometime around 2005, as a gift for a Fury-loving pal! Here's the famed SHIELD ramrod, Nick Fury himself! I tried to approximate how the Mego mavens woulda produced a Fury figure, with one eye (heh) toward the Jim Steranko art of the late-60s SHIELD comic, complete with hints of tech hardware and such, but keeping the actual detailing very simple! Click below to enlarge pics, and enjoy!

Starting with a custom sculpted head (complete with soggy stogie), I added a
blue "zip suit," with my own Mego-like printed detailing! A few added found
accessories, like belts, holsters and hose, and Nick seems to have festooned
himself with tons of hardware!

Above: I also created this psychedelic custom card, featuring
actual Jim Steranko artwork, and Mego graphic icons!

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