Saturday, November 16, 2013

The "Lone Rager" Rides Again! "Blaammm!" 1975 Albert Bigley Art!

That's right! Here's yet another blast from my past! For about 13 minutes, I sorta dug the Lone Ranger character, due to his similarities to superheroes (he wore a mask, right?), and his mini-comeback during the mid-70s (heralded with a line of toys, models, and action figures). Below is my 1975 attempt at an action-packed pencil drawing of the masked lawman, complete with sound effects, logo ('the Lone RAGER?!") and "detailed" background! Hey! I was ten years old, OK? Click to enlarge, and keep your silver bullets untarnished!

Can ya tell I had a hard time getting his hat just right? I also apparently spent
 a ton of time struggling with his nose, hands, and, uhm, crotch.

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