Monday, March 22, 2010

1980 Albert Bigley CAPTAIN AMERICA Art! Marvel Comics!

Yeah. Once again dipping into my early high school days, here is the "cover" for a comic book I created in 1980, at age 15. Based on audio recordings of afternoon MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon reruns (in an attempt to work from loose plots, "Marvel style"), I drew, inked, and lettered a complete adaptation of a 60s CAP tale, complete with this spectacular (heh) color cover. Again, my George Perez influence is in full force, with the odd shading, patterns, etc...I also had a dose of Jim Steranko's designs in my head, due to my exposure to his Marvel Index covers, so...Click to enlarge!

Wanna get a peek of an earlier attempt (using the HULK) at the same concept? Click here!

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