Sunday, April 19, 2015

POW! TV Batman and Batgirl at Discovery Place! 2015 Colossal Cosplay Contest! DC Comics!

That's right! It was cosplay-mania at this recent "Drink-and-Draw" event, staged at the wonderful kid's museum, Discovery Place, in Charlotte, North Carolina! The venue also hosted a comics-themed "open house," inviting all to attend, and encouraging fervent fans to model superhero costumes and attire! Click below to see all the photos, fun and fan-tastic frolic!

Above: Discovery Place employee and event coordinator, Lindsay Stewart, poses
as the "TV Batgirl" (as originally portrayed on the famed 60s BATMAN series by actress
Yvonne Craig) for the drink-and-draw group! What an exacting costume!

Above: Now it's my turn to step up for the animated
artists, once again in my "TV Batman" gear!

Above: What's this? It seem we have our own personal rogue's
gallery, "cheering" us on in our art-minded efforts! You can spot

the Riddler (Amberle Linnea) and Catwoman (Tracey Buzzio)!

Above: You try holding a still pose for ten minutes or more! It's tough!
I'm used to being on the other side of this equation! But--Batgirl's arm
begins to weaken after a long pose, so...

Above: ...Batman comes to her aid! The day (and many drawings) is saved!

Above: Now, a duo pose! At least I can lean on somebody for this one!

Above: Hey! Even a superhero can get tired! 

Above: Oh no! The wily Joker (in the person of Vic Goldberg) has made the scene! This we need?

Above: As you can see, Batman went into instant
action against the newly-arrived Joker!

Above four images: Let's take a look at some of the best Bat-drawings from this
awesome event! They're all fabulous! That last one, tho…No comment.

Above: The wowed winner of the contest is flanked by Batman and Batgirl! 

Above four images: Time for Batman to mingle with
the proud citizens at this epochal event!


david_b said...

That's ONE well-sculptured Batgirl..!!!

(Ohh and you look good too, sir...)

Looks like a fantastic event, thanks for posting.

Alexander said...

Lindsay your are spool hot as batgirl, will update love to pose with you in a picture, I have a spandex Spiderman suit would love to send you pic's, please get in touch Bruce

Alexander said...

Lindsay I said spool hot!!!: Love to cosplay and would love to share pics with you. The man playing Batman looks fantastic or battastic as well, very Adam west, may he rest in peace !! He was a very handsome hero indeed. But Lindsay your beauty is stunning!!:very hot!!!