Sunday, March 29, 2015

"1966 TV BATMAN" at the Mad Monster Party! Adam West! Burt Ward! Cassandra! Batmobile!

It's time for the Mad Monster Party 2015, in Charlotte, North Carolina! Here's a fun local event that featured tons of TV and horror/monster film luminaries, including Adam West and Burt Ward! Come on! What better reason to break out the "1966 Batman" uniform than that? Click below to see (and enlarge) all the shudder-inducing sights, the horrifying happenings, and the spooky scenes!

Above: You know it's gonna be a bat-acular event, once
you spy the posters and graphics for the show!

Above: Uhm..The Bat-graphics continue, on the shirts worn by the staff--er--stiff?!

Above: "I shouldn't wish to attract attention…"

Above: Customized lunch boxes, as seen in the dealers room! Laugh
all ya want, but to me, THE GOLDEN GIRLS is a horror show!

Above two images: It's actor Chris Sarandon (THE PRINCESS BRIDE), signing
pics and asking for one with me! Seems his grandkids dig Batman, so...

Above: A great cosplayer, making the shrieking scene as the "Corpse Bride…."

Above: Again?!

Above: Hey! It's that Michael Keaton guy, right? Uhmm….

Above: Look who stopped by! It's music celeb Chubby Checker, seen
here with a couple of mooks named Adam West and Burt Ward!

Above: Burt Ward ("Robin") takes a ride in the Batmobile with Chubby Checker!

Above four images: That's right! If Batman is around, you know an evil
super-villain isn't far behind! Here, the devious  Dr. Cassandra makes the
scene, in the pretty person of Suzann Khudsen! Who recalls her as a third
season "special guest villainess" on the BATMAN series? Uhm...
Cassandra, not Suzann...

Above: The "cast" of ROCKY HORROR gets ready….

Above: That's right! Batman poses with the fabby replica Batmobile at the show!

Above: Selfie time!

Above two images: Batgirl (Kalliste Cosplay) and 
Robin (Cheralyn Lambeth) where also present at this event? 
Who knew?

Above two images: It's me with sidekick Robin (Allyson Bigley), leaving
no rock (or duck) unturned!

Above: Behind the scenes of the late-night costume contest!

Above four images: Batman rocks the costume contest!

Above: Burt Ward and Adam West sign for frenzied fans!

Above: "Must make room for…just…one more sticker!"

Above: To introduce Adam and Burt's bat-panel discussion, the "Kilted Creature" belts
out a rendition of the "Batman Theme" on bagpipes. You haven't lived until….

Above: Burt Ward and Adam West hold court at the show in Charlotte!


Scipio said...


You are built like a superhero!!!!!!!

david_b said...

You ALWAYS make great appearances sir, you're totally rocking the house.

Thanks for all the pics..!!