Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wizard World--Raleigh! Captain America Cosplay! Black Widow! Logan! More!

Just back from an exhausting weekend spent romping up and down the hallowed hallways of the wonder-packed Wizard World convention, held in riotous Raleigh, North Carolina! Cast your orbs below to take in some of the spectacular sights of this frantic fan gathering! Click images to enlarge!

Above: The arrival! These bellhops don't even bat
an eye! Imagine the things they've seen….

Above: "Cap" is ready for another crazy convention appearance!

Above two images: Easing on down the road (hallway?) to 
the convention floor! Oh, the looks on the faces of our fellow
hotel guests!

Above three images: "Look! I made a new friend! His name is Logan!"

Above: "Uhm...Maybe not…"


Above two images: Magneto and Ant-Man make the scene!

Above: Avengers Assemble! Logan, Spider-Man, Captain America,
and the Black Widow line up for eager photographers!

Above four images: Cap meets a wonderful WAC, as
well as a female "Steve Rogers!" Clever idea!

Above: Iron Man finally gets his lazy butt into the mix, as two lucky
fans look on! Ol' Shellhead musta been at the hotel bar….

Above: A Power Ranger! Swept up in the battle!

Above: Then this happened...

Above: "Ya see, it's all in the wrist…"

Above three images: That's right. "Copslay Jesus" comes in, to arrange an
angelic Avengers photo shoot! Hey, a little prayer can never hurt!

Above: A little Arrow and Hit Girl join the ever-swelling ranks of Avengerdom!

Above: Wait! Another Black Widow?!

Above: You can never have too many Uhuras...

Above: Winter Soldier busts in! Was it something I said?!

Above: "Wait! Are you sure this is the 'Captain Americar' I ordered?"

Above: And then this happened...

Above two images: More "Captain America" love!

Above: "Uhm..Which camera do I look at, again?"

Above: Lil' Wolverine challenges me to a scrap!

Above: "Sorry, Logan, she doesn't dig sideburns..."

Above: "There's only room for one of us, kid…"

Above: "Sorry, nobody touches the shield…"

Above: And then this happened...

Above: Carmen Sandiego and Waldo! Found!

Above: "Sorry, no autographs….

Above three images: Say, that looks like Black Widow! It is! She's back as the 
Punisher, up against an amazingly re-created Red Skull (brandishing the chaos-causing 
Cosmic Cube, yet)!

Above: The Joker and Chewbacca--best buds! Who knew?

Above: Ya wanna get away from the madding crowds and cool out? Dig this
little tucked-away nook, cool and quiet, and made for reading and reflecting!

Above: Then this happened! A wonderful marching band, fresh from downtown's 
St. Paddy's Day party (the food! The music!) strike up with some amazing music! 
You shoulda been there when they swung into "Amazing Grace!" Not a dry eye in 
the joint! Never seen so many "Vulcan salutes" in one place!

Above: Unmasked! The wrap-up to an exhausting (but fun) weekend! Me and
my sweetie (and official "Captain America" crew chief), Allyson Bigley!

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david_b said...

Oustanding pics sir, thanks much for sharing. My nephew and his gal really enjoyed the con in Indy this last weekend, he got to hold an actual CA shield from filming, signed by (I believe) most of the cast.

Geez, I would have given my left ___ to have done that back in '75..