Saturday, January 2, 2010

Albert Bigley vs Jack Kirby! YOU Be The Judge! Marvel! Hulk! Love!

Not long ago, I posted my 1979 HULK drawing (below right), detailing how I used to draw my own versions of Silver Age Marvel Comics (based on audio recordings of reruns of the 1966 MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoons at the time). The actual Marvel cover below left (a reprint cover by Sal Buscema) is kinda what I was going for in my own little watercolored masterpiece below.

But why stop there? Below left is a page from the actual 60's HULK saga, drawn by Jack "King" Kirby himself! To the right is my own version of that segment, pencilled by listening only to audio of the tale (to prep me for the Stan Lee "Marvel Method" of storytelling). Hey, I was 14, ok? Click to enlarge all, if you dare!

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