Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flintstones! Meet The Flintstones...Sorta. Albert Bigley 1974 Art!

Just so you don't  think all I ever drew as a lad were the mighty superheroes, here is a huge (around 11 by 17) poster I drew (in ink!) of Hanna/Barbera's cartoon star, good ol' Fred Flintstone. I used to devour the afternoon 70s reruns of the show, so...
Sigh. I guess those vignettes depict Freddie bowling, as a superhero, at the famed "Buffalo Convention (I think I meant "Water Buffalo lodge")," and in drag as somebody named "Mrs. Rockhead!?" Click to enlarge.

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Al Bigley said...

This came at a time in my life when (like in any kid's childhood) I learned to mimic the simple "code" to drawing one cartoon character...Fred was mine...Impressed my classmates!

Al Bigley