Monday, November 29, 2010

The 1974 SPIDER-MAN/GREEN GOBLIN Saga! Original Comic Art by Albert Bigley!

Harry Osborn is the new Green Goblin?! Sure, I was inspired by the then-current SPIDER-MAN storyline (today, they call them "story arcs") running in Marvel Comics in 1974, but here are 4 pages from my OWN (age 9) original take on the ever-present Spidey/Goblin entanglement! Even at that young age, I had many of the "Marvel method" tropes down. Spidey's patter. The pacing and cliff-hangers. The over-dramatic story titles. The details, such as Spidey running out of web fluid. Heh. I had fun, in this dry run for my future as a comics artist! Click to enlarge!

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Al Bigley said...


Anyone else recall SMASH MAGAZINE offering that SPIDEY cover as a school-book cover around 1975?

Al Bigley