Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Return of the Hulk (Paintings)! 1979 Albert Bigley Original Art! Marvel Comics?!

FOUND! The "missing" Hulk painting by me (age 14), from 1979! Created the summer before starting high school, here is ol' Jade Jaws doing his community bit by helping endangered kids across a busy school intersection! But wait-some rude hot rodder thinks he can barrel thru at unsafe speeds, in a car that looks more like a melted and warped shoe-box than a Chevy! Our hero readies himself to deliver a firm message on traffic and pedestrian safety! I based this on the then-ubiquitous magazine paintings by Bob Larkin (click here for more), and wanted to force myself to have to paint more "real' subjects such as kids, cars, trees, etc., as an exercise. This may have been my first stab at acrylic painting, too, so go easy on me, real frantic one! Click to enlarge, if you're that sort of type!

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Pop Culture Debris said...

I always loved the Mr. Spock Bop Bag ... talk about the perfect gift for Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy!