Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Big Boffo BATMAN Rarities Collection! From 1966 Onward! Mego! Corgi! Ideal!

Due to an overwhelming blast of letters from thousands (that's Frankie "Mitts" Thousands, the guy who cuts my hair), here is a power-packed pictorial, spotlighting my own overflowing Batman collection! This Bat-bounty contains "just the good stuff," hand-picked rarities from the 60s and 70s (and a bit later), with a dash of oddball and hand-made items! Take a deep breath, and begin your tour now! Click all images to enlarge!

Above: The first over-stuffed cabinet, rammed full of Bat-goodness!
That other display? Maybe another time..

Above: Topped with some finely-sculpted 90s statues
from the long-defunct Warner Bros studio stores..

Above: A newly-minted Mattel Batmobile is flanked by a fine
fan-made Batman model figure, painted by me!

Above: My heavily-customized  Aurora Batman model swoops into the scene!
See much more of it here!

Above: The Robin Aurora model kit is cornered by my
refurbished and re-painted 1966 Soaky figure!

Above: Does that customized Batmobile look
familiar? Speed over here to check it out!

Above: A better view of the Robin kit, the Mego B&R figures, the two '66 Soakys,
and the fan-made figures!

Above: An gorgeous original 1966 BATMAN game, from
Ideal, complete with fabulous custom Murphy Anderson

Above: Now to the next glass display! Yes, that's a
Chuck Williams-made "Batman '66" cowl! Glance 

below to see it in use!

Above: That middle piece is an odd mid-70s Batman shadowbox!

Above: Fan-made (painted by me) resin kits of Adam West's Batman
and Frank Gorshin's Riddler lead off this case! See more here!


Above: A fabulous fan-made Joker kit (see it here) highlights a display
that features an original Corgi Batmobile, plus more recently-made die-cast vehicles! 
I was fortunate enough to snag that original '66 Batman lunchbox at a recent show 
for just ten bucks! Needed a bit of clean-up, but...

Above: Another fan-created Julie Newmar Catwoman kit is seen!
That's the recent re-issue of the Aurora Batcycle kit! Dig it here!

Above: Those are the mid-70s Chemtoy B&R figures! They sure look
good, once refurbished and painted!

Above: DC Direct busts overlook a rare UK version
of the familiar Batman View-Master packet!

What's this? More Bat-goodies? Here are the recent Hot Toys
Batman and Robin figures, flanked by the smaller-scaled
Mattel versions of the '66 cast! 

Above: Also displayed are the exacting replicas of various Bat-vehicles, made
by the Eaglemoss folks! 

Above: Recent fun "retro" Batman figures from the Figures, Inc. firm
are displayed, with custom cards! Take a gander here!

Above: Some of the recent "Batman '66" Mego-type figures are seen, displayed
on my own custom cards! See more here!

Above: Wanna take a closer look at those
customized Batmobile Hot Wheels displays?
Bat-click right here!

Above: Classic Mego figures, on my own custom cards!

Above: My own customized "Golden Age" Batman figures, based
on the 30s early look of the character (see more here), and his 40s
movie serial version (here)! That's also a customized
Mego Batcycle on display with the two!

Above: Always loved that gigantic Bat-statue, based on the
artistic stylings of Silver Age artist, Carmine Infantino! 

Above: Gotta give some love to more recent Batmen, so...
Plus, that's a Gray Morrow original piece behind him!

Above: Carmine Infantino strikes again! Love this hefty
B&R statue, based on his 60s Batman art!

Above: It's a 1973 Irv Novick original art page, from
BATMAN #247!

Above: More 70s original DC Comics art pieces!
These feature pencils by Ernie Chan, with inks by
Tex Blaisdell and Dick Giordano!

Above: Wrapping up the tour with two beautiful Batman bookends, designed
to adhere to the indelible art of (you guessed it) Carmine Infantino!
That "Batman-From the 30s to the 70s" book has been in my
collection since 1972!

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Love the collection, Al. And the nod to Stan's corny sense of humor.