Monday, September 23, 2013

Cesar Romero as--The Joker! "1966 BATMAN" Fan-Made Model Kit! POW!

ZAP! It's Cesar Romero as the JOKER! Here's the 1966 version of this classic Batman foe, as seen on the fantastic and far-famed TV series! This fan-made resin "garage kit" was painted up in acrylics and enamels! Click images below to enlarge!

Note the manic pose and attitude! The talented sculptor (Johnny Stacks) really
captured Romero's facial features well, even his "painted over" mustache!

Most of the pants stripes were applied with markers, and a light gloss 
was applied over the shoes, hair, parts of the face, eyes, teeth and lips.

Note that the suit actually has very few colors: two tones of magenta, with 
green and black! The facial details also involved some marker, colored 
pencils, and dry washes.

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Above: The unassembled and unpainted kit, ready to go!

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