Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here Comes--TIRE MAN?! 1982 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art!

Are you ready for this one? Here is a hand-drawn (no other kind, then) comic strip featuring my own father as--TIRE MAN! Drawn by me in 11th grade (1982) for a run in the local newspaper (THE LAURINBURG EXCHANGE), here is my tire-shop owner Dad in action! The "Tire-Man" character was something I dreamed up for "Bigley Tire" ads and such, and we even had a portrait (painted by me) of the superhero on the side of my father's tire shop! I was inspired by artist Marie Severin's late-60s work in Marvel's NOT BRAND ECHH spoof comic, which I was collecting then via access (hello, driver's license!) to comic shops and conventions at the time! My "Art 3" teacher, Mr. Glenn, even allowed this particular strip/ad to be part of my end-of-semester art project, and, to speed things up, inked my pencils (mostly during class) on this! Click to enlarge!

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Richard said...

That's terrific! I can see the Marie Severin influence...but it reminds me much more of all those superhero-themed ad strips by Neal Adams I only ever saw in the various Adams treasuries and collections from the mid to late Seventies. Many thanks for sharing this.