Saturday, September 24, 2011

Albert Bigley 1977 IRON MAN # 100 Cover Art?! Jim Starlin? Marvel Comics?!

Hoo Boy! You can sorta tell I was inspired by the well-drawn cover (by Jim Starlin) to 1977's IRON MAN # 100, can't ya? Here, below, is my attempt at re-creating that once-in-a-lifetime (twice?) cover art, and, considering I was 12 that year, I guess it ain't so bad. Note that such a dynamic and simple cover was a rarity in those days, with its lack of captions, word balloons, and general hyperbolic ballyhoo announcing ol' Shellhead's anniversary issue! Nowadays, in a failed attempt to create the same kinda vibe, almost every cover looks like this one, with the same characters preening, posing, and grunting in an endless parade of costumes and muscles that blend into one big mush...Click to enlarge!

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