Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1976 Albert Bigley BATMAN AND ROBIN Original Comic Art?! DC Comics?!

Whew. Here is the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, as drawn by me (age 11) in 1976! I was influenced not only by artist New Adams, but specifically his comic illustrations that came with the "Robin Meets Man-Bat" book-and-record set, from the Power Records folks! Neal was, of course, the master of photo-realistic comic art, and you can see I was trying to create that same feel with this anger-drenched image! Why does Robin look like an enraged Ringo Starr, and why is he mad at Batman, even attempting to strike him?! What is Batman yelling about?!  Who cares? It was angst and anger and "in your face" excitement, and all that other nonsense the young comic artist cares about at age 11! Click to enlarge, if you dare!

Above: The original art to 1976's "Robin Meets Man-Bat" book-and-record
comic, for the Power Records folks!

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